ABC - Numbers: Pronunciation

Numbers are really easy in English. All we need is to practice their pronunciation. For that, remember:

  • The "V" is kind of the bastard daughter of "B" and "F". In numbers like "eleven" (11), the "v" sound is a mixture of both "b" and "f". 
  • As we learn with the Alphabet, in English the "I" sounds like /ai/ (for Spanish speakers). This applies in numbers like "five" (5), pronounced /faif/. Remember the "v" sound too!
  • There are times in which the "I" sounds like /i/. For example, "fifteen" (15). /fiftin/.
  • There's a huge difference between "17" and "70". The first is "seventeen" and the second is "seventy". The difference in pronunciation is that last "n" in 17: /seventin/. 70: /seventi/. This applies for the rest of the numbers like "15" vs. "50"; "18" vs. "80", etc. 

Here's an image with numbers, but remember that you have a list in your English Book.

I want you to visit this website and listen to the number's pronunciation too. Any questions you have, you can ask them in class.

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