ABC - Personal pronouns

Personal pronouns in English are really easy. As always, we just have to practice to learn them correctly! ;) In the following list you can check out how to write and /pronounce/ each personal pronoun. 'Hope this helps you!

Here you go!:


  • First person, singular: I. /ai/. (Spanish: Yo).
  • Second person, singular: You. /iu/. (Spanish: Tú, usted, vos).
  • Third person, singular, male: He. /ji/. (Spanish: Él).
  • Third person, singular, female: She. /shi/. (Spanish: Ella).
  • Third person, singular, things and animals: It. /it/. (Spanish: Eso, esto).


  • First person, plural, male and female: We. /wi/. (Spanish: Nosotros, nosotras).
  • Second person, plural: You. /iu/. (Spanish: Ustedes).
  • Third person, plural, male and female: They. /ðei/ (Spanish: Ellos, ellas).


  • Notice that the pronoun "You" can be used for both singular and plural.
  • Remember the sound "th", represented like this /ð/. You have to put your tongue between your teeth to make that sound.

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