ABC: Verb "to be" - Affirmative Sentences [1/6]

In English, one of the most importan verbs is "to be". In Spanish, that would be the "ser" and "estar" verbs.

Now that we know the personal pronouns, we can learn how to use verb "to be" with each personal pronoun. Check out the next image:

For affirmative sentences with verb "to be" you just have to follow the next formula:

Pronoun + Verb "to be" + Adjective or Noun.

Here are some examples of basic affirmative sentences with verb "to be". You can also change pronouns for subjects, as in the examples:

  • I am a teacher. / I am 14 years old. / I am Hector.
  • He is a student. / Juan is 17 years old. / She is Julia. / Susana is pretty.
  • It is a pencil. / It is black.
  • You are students. / You are 14 years old. / You and Maria are funny.
  • We are students. / We are 27 years old. / Joshua and I are hungry.
  • They are students. / Joshua and Maria are 17 years old. / They are handsome.

Next time we are going to learn how to do negative sentences with verb "to be".

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