ABC: Verb "to be" - Negative Sentences [2/6]

Now we know how to do affirmative sentences with verb "to be", so let's do some negative sentences! It's super easy! You just need a "NOT". Here's the formula to do negative sentences with verb "to be":

Pronoun + Verb "to be" + not + Adjective or Noun.

Remember to use verb "to be" accordingly to each pronoun or subject. Also, remember that "not" goes right after verb "to be". Here are some examples for you:

  • I am not a student. / I am not 17 years old. / I am not Lucía.
  • He is not a student. / Josué is not 93 years old. / Carl is not ugly.
  • She is not a teacher. / Andrea is not 5 years old. / Lucía is not weird.
  • It is not a pencil. / It is not black. / The dog is not ugly.
  • You are not a teacher. / You are not 17 years old. / You are not ugly.
  • We are not students. / We are not 10 years old. / Matías and I are not lost.
  • They are not teachers. / They are not 15 years old. / Joshua, Matías and Juliana are not weird.
  • You are not students. / You are not 25 years old. / You and José are not ugly.

I hope this helps you!

Next time, we are going to learn how to ask questions with verb "to be".

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