ABC: Verb "to be" - Questions [3/6]

So, now we know how to do affirmative and negative sentences. Time to level up: let's ask questions with verb "to be"!

First, we have to understand that sentences and questions do not follow the same formula or structure. In questions, the structure is backwards to sentences. So, pay attention to the next formula to ask questions:

Verb "to be" + pronoun + adjective or noun + ?

As you can see, in questions we have verb "to be" + "pronoun". In sentences, is the other way around: Pronoun + verb "to be". So, be careful! If you don't master this difference, your questions are going to be wrong.

Also, remember to use the question mark (?) at the end of each question!

Here are some examples to help you understand how to ask questions with each pronoun and/or subject:

  • Am I a teacher? / Am I 17 years old? / Am I Lucía?
  • Is he a student? / Is he 24 years old? / Is José handsome?
  • Is she a studen? / Is Lorena 17 years old? / Is Jossie cute?
  • Is it a pencil? / Is it black? / Is it pretty?
  • Are you a teacher? / Are you 24 years old? / Are you ok?
  • Are we teachers? / Are Joshua and I 12 years old? / Are we cute?
  • Are they students? / Are Maria and Juana 19 years old? / Are Lucía, Kenneth and Pablo beautiful?
  • Are you teachers? / Are Pablo and you 18 years old? / Are Juliana, Lina and Tamara cute?

To ask questions, you just need two things: to remember this formula and to practice.

Next time we are going to learn how to do affirmative answers to this verb "to be" questions.

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