Hi! This blog is made by teacher Ángela, to help (on-line) those English students that want to improve their skills when they're not in class.

Here you will find activities, short tutorials, exercises, videos and anything that might help your English.

How to use this blog?

The content in this blog is based on the teaching method used at SIPRA institute (Costa Rica). That means that you will find each post tagged accordingly to the level you're in at SIPRA. All you have to do is to clic on your level's tag at the bottom of each post. And/or use the page that compiles each post (activity, short tutorial, etc.) accordingly to your level.

Since this blog is made by teacher Ángela, the posts will be about what she teaches to all her students. So if you're in a different class or level that she has not yet taught, you probably won't find what you need right away. Still, you're welcome to stay around and use this blog as you need!

You can also help this blog by sending your own activities or tutorials, to help both your teacher and your classmates.

How -not- to use this blog?

  • No trolls accepted. Please, do not send mean comments to your teacher or your classmates. Those comments won't be published anyway.
  • Since your teacher is also a college student and has different jobs, she won't be able to answer on time all of your questions. So, use this blog to practice what you learn in class. Not to communicate with your teacher or ask her about next week's homework.

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